Expansion Joints

The problem of dealing with thermal expansion joints in pipelines has been existing since the first use pipe itself. Firstly, the engineer’s  simple solution were only pipe bends, omegas and packet slip type joints to absorb the thermal expansion problems.

Expansion Joints consist of bellows part with one or more ondulations in the general terms and the bellows protection equipments (liner, external sleeves, tie-rods etc.) and the fitting elements (flange, welding-neck etc.) providing their connection to the revelant piping istallation.

Flexible Metal Hose

Fan – coil connectors are used for flexible connections of fan – coil units to the heating /cooling system distribution piping. Braided flexible connectors are used as flexible connections for steam, water, gas and oil line applications to provide high pressure and flexibility.

Sprinkler system, when the fire starts to spray water to the blaze automaticaly and control the fire in fixed place or extinguish. These systems are installed on the ceiling and takes water from the main fire pipeline. Sprinkler system prefered when the area is difficult to reach or in the dangerous  place. Sprinkler connection hoses, braided flexible metal hoses that provide the connection between the sprinkler and the fire line which are not affected by seismic or mechanical movements.

Valve Jackets

Valve jackets are used to minimize heat loss through pipe line armatures and to prevent steam and density made through cooling system and to increase the system productivity.

Fabric expansion joints are designed to minimize the mechanical movements by seismic, the stress and the mounting defects occured through the pipe lines by having loaded high thermal dilatation and vibration on itself.